Finding the best fit

The right therapist for you, your family and/or your child, is one who will walk and work beside you, supporting you and guiding you gently towards YOUR truth and emotional well-being. To begin a conversation with Sonya, follow the link below.

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Professional Counseling Services

Being a child or adolescent in our ever-changing world can be challenging. Children and young adults today are faced with the constant pressure to achieve academic and personal success. The important thing to remember is that your child’s difficulties do not have to stand in the way of his or her success.

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Counseling need not be scary or intimidating. It’s just as healthy as going to your physician when
you need a “check-up”.

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You are not alone!

Parenting a child is not easy and therapy can offer a support system that is different from one you can receive independently. Working with someone outside of your family and friend circle can offer a unique perspective that leads to an increase in self-awareness and parenting skills.